Eid Ul Adha 2024 Holidays In Pakistan Government Notification Date

The government has announced the holidays for Eid Ul Adha 2024 in Pakistan. This year, the Bakra Eid holidays will be observed from Friday, 17 June to 20 June 2024. The holidays will be celebrated across Punjab and Sindh on the same dates. The Principal Information Officer of the Press Information Department in Islamabad has released the official notification.

Eid Ul Adha 2024 Holidays Schedule

The Holiday Schedule for Bakra Eid is now given below but this is unofficial because govt of Pakistan has yet not issued the notification. Moreover, expected holidays are now given below.

  • Holiday Start Date: 16 June 2024
  • Eid Day: 17 June 2024
  • Holiday End Date: 20 June 2024
  • Office and Market Reopening: 21 June 2024

How to Spend Eid Holidays This Year?

Eid Ul Adha, also known as Bakra Eid or the Big Eid, is a time for family gatherings and celebrations. Here are some traditional activities:

First Day:

  • Qurbani (Animal Sacrifice): The first day is usually spent performing Qurbani and distributing the meat among family, friends, and the needy.

Second Day:

  • Family Visits: The second day is often dedicated to visiting relatives or hosting them at your home.


  • Outings: Traditionally, the third day is reserved for outings and leisurely activities.

However, this year, due to COVID-19, the government advises limiting interactions and avoiding public places. Prioritize health and safety by staying at home and following SOPs.

Celebrating Eid Ul Adha Virtually

To ensure everyone’s safety, consider celebrating Eid virtually:

  • Virtual Gatherings: Use video calls to connect with family and friends.
  • Online Qurbani Services: Utilize online platforms that offer Qurbani services to avoid physical interactions.
  • Share Experiences: Encourage family members to share their Eid experiences and photos through social media.

The notification for Eid Ul Adha 2024 holidays in Pakistan has been released for Punjab and Sindh. Adhere to the guidelines provided to ensure a safe and joyous celebration. Share your experiences and thoughts in the comments.