NTS English MCQs Questions With Answers, Sample Papers Solved

NTS English MCQs Questions With Answers, Sample Papers Solved paper for online preparation of all those candidates or students who apply for any of the Recruitment or Admission test through the NTS.  When it is tested by the NTS then one thing is for sure there will be no cheating case and all the selections would be made on a merit basis only. English is a major subject in all the NTS Recruitment and Admission Tests for any of the government as well as Private organizations so that is why here we are providing you NTS English MCQs Questions With Answers, Sample Papers Solved.

NTS English MCQs Questions With Answers

The answer of each MCQ is given in blue color.

  • 1) The report issued by the committee was completely———-, extolling in great detail the plan’s strengths but failing to mention its———-
    A) published, recommendations
    B) unbiased, weakness
    C) one-sided, shortcomings
    D) printed, viewpoints
    E) skewed, defenders
  • 2) The speaker did not properly use the time as he went on ———- on one point alone.
    A) Deliberating
    B) Diluting
    C) Dilating
    D) Devoting
    E) Distributing
  • 3) Mounting unemployment is the most serious and ———- problem faced by Pakistan today.
    A) Unpopular
    B) Intractable
    C) Dubious
    D) Profound
    E) Unattainable
  • 4) How do you expect that country to progress when her government is corrupt, ———- and still largely feudal?
    A) Despotic
    B) Demeaning
    C) Devalued
    D) Dwindling
    E) Demolished
  • 5) Manpower is the ———- means of converting other resources to mankind’s use and benefit.
    A) Insuperable
    B) Inimitable
    C) Indivisible
    D) Indispensable
    E) Inequitable
  • 6) The officer should deal ———- equal justice to all his subordinates.
    A) out
    B) of
    C) on
    D) in
  • 7) He is zealous ———- the popularity of games.
    A) with
    B) for
    C) in
    D) after
  • 8) The minister promised to look ———- the matter personally.
    A) on
    B) in
    C) into
    D) after
  • 9) Your should divest your mind ———- fear.
    A) in
    B) of
    C) with
    D) from
  • 10) They prohibited him ———- entering the house.
    A) for
    B) in
    C) on
    D) from
  • 11) Prediction : Astrology
    A) Forecast : Meteorology
    B) Omen : Evil
    C) Premonition : Tragedy
    D)  Probability : Statistics
  • 12) Elusive : Capture
    A) Persuasive : Convince
    B) Elastic : Stretch
    C) Headstrong : Control
    D) Sensible : Decide
  • 13) Kowtow : Bow
    A) Abjure : Renounce
    B) Gauche : Spruce
    C) Garble : Represent
    D) Boisterous : Bubbly
  • 14) Clergy : Laity
    A) Single : Pair
    B) Employer : Industry
    C) Host : Show
    D) Wholesale : Market
  • 15:  Rampart : Fortress
    A) River : Canal
    B) Cage : Panther
    C) Ladder : Roof
    D) Fence : House

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NTS English MCQs Questions With Answers, Sample Papers Solved

NTS is an abbreviation of the National Testing Service which is the most reliable Testing agency in Pakistan. On this page, we shared NTS English MCQs Questions With Answers, and Sample Papers Solved because you could have an idea that what type of English Subject questions you have to face in the examination hall.

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