Pakistani Passport Fee 2024 Renewal Application, Challan Form, 5 Years

Here we are telling you about the Pakistani passport fee 2024 renewal application, challan form, 5 years before expiry. We provide details on Pakistani passport fees for ordinary, normal, urgent, 72-page, and 100-page passports. The Pakistani government offers passports with different numbers of pages, suitable for various travel needs. For frequent travelers, a 100-page passport is ideal, while a 72-page passport is considered regular.

Types of Pakistani Passports and Their Fees

The fees for renewing a Pakistani passport vary based on the number of pages and the urgency of the application. Below is a detailed breakdown:

Fee Structure for 5-Year Validity

Category Fee Service Charges Total (excl. taxes)
Normal (36-Pages) Rs. 3,000/- Rs. 2,500 Rs. 5,500/-
Urgent (36-Pages) Rs. 5,000/- Rs. 2,500 Rs. 7,500/-
Normal (72-Pages) Rs. 5,500/- Rs. 2,500 Rs. 8,000/-
Urgent (72-Pages) Rs. 9,000/- Rs. 2,500 Rs. 11,500/-
Normal (100-Pages) Rs. 6,000/- Rs. 2,500 Rs. 8,500/-
Urgent (100-Pages) Rs. 12,000/- Rs. 2,500 Rs. 14,500/-

Fee Structure for 10-Year Validity

Category Fee Service Charges Total (excl. taxes)
Normal (36-Pages) Rs. 5,400/- Rs. 2,500 Rs. 7,900/-
Urgent (36-Pages) Rs. 9,000/- Rs. 2,500 Rs. 11,500/-
Normal (72-Pages) Rs. 9,900/- Rs. 2,500 Rs. 12,400/-
Urgent (72-Pages) Rs. 16,200/- Rs. 2,500 Rs. 18,700/-
Normal (100-Pages) Rs. 10,800/- Rs. 2,500 Rs. 13,300/-
Urgent (100-Pages) Rs. 21,600/- Rs. 2,500 Rs. 24,100/-

Documents Required for Renewal of Pakistani Passport

To renew your Pakistani passport, the following documents are required. Ensure you renew your Machine Readable Passport within 7 months before its expiry:

  • Valid CNIC or NICOP or Smart CNIC or NICOP (both sides).
  • Copies of the existing Passport (First two pages and one random page as requested).
  • Valid Visa/Aqama/Residence Permit/Asylum card/Other Nationality Passport.

Step-by-Step Guide to Renewing Your Pakistani Passport

The procedure to obtain the Pakistani passport fee 2024 renewal application and challan form, 5 years before expiry, is straightforward. Follow these steps for a hassle-free renewal:

  1. Gather Required Documents: Ensure all necessary documents are complete.
  2. Application Submission: Fill out the renewal application form accurately.
  3. Challan Form Submission: Submit the challan form with the appropriate fee at designated banks.
  4. Biometric Verification: Complete the biometric verification process at a nearby passport office.
  5. Receive Your Passport: Collect your renewed passport within the stipulated time frame.


How early can I renew my Pakistani passport?

You can renew your passport within 7 months before its expiry.

What is the difference between a normal and urgent passport fee?

The urgent passport fee is higher and ensures faster processing.

Can I apply for a passport renewal online?

Yes, you can apply online by visiting the official passport application website.

What should I do if my passport is lost?

File a police complaint and apply for a new passport with a double fee.

Renewing your Pakistani passport for 2024 is a straightforward process if you follow the correct procedures and ensure all required documents are in order. For further assistance or detailed guidance, you can dial 080034477 or send an email to [email protected].