Sui Gas Complaint Number For Registration Complaint

If you reside in Lahore, Islamabad, Multan, Karachi, or any other city or village in Pakistan, there is a helpline number available for reporting gas leakage complaints. This number is for all Pakistani citizens. It is crucial to be aware that incidents of gas leakage are occurring in various parts of Pakistan. As responsible citizens, we must read all the information regarding the registration of Sui Gas Leakage complaints through the helpline number 1199. Furthermore, all the details will be updated to answer your queries, so please read on.

How do i complain to Sui gas:

If you are facing Gas leakage at home, workplace, commercial place, or any other spot then this page is giving valuable information for the Sui Gas Leakage control procedure.

  • If you are facing a Sui Gas Leakage issue then dial 1199
  • SNGPL 1199 Customer care person will note your number, address, Phone number, and Gas Bill ID for complaint registration for Sui gas leakage.
  • If your gas pipe is broken and there is more leakage then off your Sui Gas main line.
  • After the  Leakage  SNGPL Helpline procedure, your area Sui Gas officer employ will visit the leakage place and sort out this issue.


On this page, we mentioned Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad city names due to limited space. Otherwise, the 1199 Sui Gas Leakage  Helpline number is giving service to all of Pakistan.

Sui Gas Complaint Number For Registration Complaint

You can also visit the Sui gas bill online check

The time period for Sui Gas Leakage Complaint solve method delay:

Sui Gas Complaint Number is providing the best service. According to my personal experience, the 1199 complaint registration cell is giving the best follow-up service regarding your complaint. But this is a fact Sui Gas officers employs is using delay tactics to earn money illegally. If you are facing any delay issues then call them again and again on the 1199 number because, within a few weeks, your complaint will solve by the pressure of the complaint cell management.