Zenith Meat Outlet In Lahore Location Map 2024 Shops Branches Rate List

We are going to provide you the Zenith Meat Outlet In Lahore Location Map 2024 Shops Branches Rate List. If you want to buy hygienic meat for your family while staying at home then Zenith meat will be the best option for you to buy. They are balancing the quality and making sure they are selling hundreds of percent halal meat. They have their butcher’s point where they have a clean and Islamic way of cutting an animal (Goat or Cow). Read this post and get information about Zenith Meat Outlet In Lahore Location Map 2024 Shops Branches Rate List.

Zenith Meat Outlet In Lahore Location Map 2024

Address Contact Number Timing
G79R+7V8, Allama Iqbal Rd, Gulshan Block, Allama Iqbal Town, Gulshan Block Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore, Punjab 54570  0311 1936484 8 am To 9 pm
F7CC+QXX, Block G3 Block G 3 Phase 2 Johar Town, Lahore, Punjab (042) 35290416 8 am To 10 pm
C6W4+M22, Main Bazar Canal Park, near Al Rehmat Store, Abpara Housing Society, Lahore, Punjab 0316 3335406 —-
F888+793, Model Town Link Rd, Phase 3 GECH Society, Lahore, Punjab 54600 (042) 35942351 8 am To 9 pm
C7C8+248, WAPDA Town Block K 2 Wapda Town Phase 1 Lahore, Punjab 0311 1936484 10 am–9 pm
92-MB Near Meezan Bank Phase 6 DHA Lahore.،, Shabbir Sharif Rd, Sector H DHA Phase 6, Lahore, Punjab 0316 3335411 8 am–8 pm

Zenith Meat Outlet In Lahore Location Map 2024 Shops Branches Rate List All branches provide booking facilities but above mention branches, names, and numbers are only the Meat Qurbani collection center. contact the above-mentioned numbers and take your Eid Qurbani receipt.

Zenith Meat Outlet In Lahore Beef Rates 2024:

We are providing you with the price and further details which will guide you better in buying this meat. We suggest you read this entire page and follow the instructions before buying meat from this shop.

Product Price (PKR)
Beef Chest 450
Beef Boneless (900 g) 1259
Beef Raan 1075
Beef Brisket Steaks 553
Beef Chunk Roast 841
Beef Chunk Steaks 841
Beef Flank Steaks 776
Beef Julienne Cut 930
Beef Nihari Cut (900 g) 1075
Beef Boneless Nihari (900 g) 1598
Beef Mince (900 g) 1388
Beef Slice Cut (900 g) 1075
Beef Steaks Finished (900 g) 1498
Beef Under Cut (900 g) 1849
Beef With Bone (900 g) 787
Beef Shoulder 891
Beef Eye Round (900 g) 1598
Beef Premium Mince 1388
Beef Leg 891
Beef Kidney 599
Beef Bonless Cubes (900 g) 1498
Beef Boneless Unfinished 1259
Beef Dast 1075
Beef Fat Waste 100
Beef Manchurian 930
Beef Mince Finished 1388
Beef Rib Steaks 553
Beef Rump Roast 841
Beef Short Ribs 553
Beef Simple Bone 249
Beef Striploin Steak 750
Beef Thick Cut Stripline 841
Beef Thin Cut Stripline 841
Beef Top Sirloin Steaks 841
Beef Tri Tip 841
Beef With Bone Unfinished 1075
Beef Tail (900 g) 750

These days Zenith also provides different packages so that consumers can easily book animals and on Eid Day Zenith will provide clean and hygienic meat at your doorstep. There are some extra features that Zenith provide to their consumer and that is why people in Pakistan are more satisfied with Zenith than Traditional meat shops.

Zenith Chicken Rates 2024:

Item Price (PKR)
Chicken Boneless Cubes Finished 1359
Chicken Qourma Cut 849
Chicken Thigh Chops Finished 1059
Chicken Heart 700
Chicken Nine Cut 998
Chicken Tail 700
Chicken Boneless (1 kg) 1359
Chicken Sajji (1 kg) 849
Chicken Drum Stick Finished (1 kg) 1059
Chicken Mince Finished (1 kg) 1359
Chicken Biryani Cut (1 kg) 849
Chicken Thigh Finished (1 kg) 1059
Chicken Neck Finished (1 kg) 490
Chicken Steaks Boneless Finished (1 kg) 1359
Chicken Wings Finished (1 kg) 799
Chicken Breast With Bone Finished (1 kg) 1250
Chicken Wings With Skin (1 kg) 700
Chicken Karahi Cut (1 kg) 849
Whole Chicken (1 kg) 849
Chicken Full Leg Finished (1 kg) 1059
Chicken Bora 1
Chicken Julienne Cut 1359
Chicken Manchurian 1359
Chicken Soup Bones Finished 45
Chicken Striplion Steaks Finished 1359
Chicken Waste 1
Chicken Thai Boneless 1359
Chicken With Kalaji Potta 780
Chicken Zinger 1359
Chicken Nuggets 799
Chicken Drumit (1 kg) 799
Chicken Niblet (1 kg) 799
Chicken With Liver & Gizzard (1 kg) 780

Zenith Mutton Rates 2024:

Item Price (PKR)
Mutton Boneless Cubes Finished PKR 3,482
Mutton Fry Chops PKR 2,497
Whole Mutton Finished PKR 2,394
Mutton Back Chops Unfinish (900 g) PKR 2,747
Mutton Neck Finished (900 g) PKR 2,663
Mutton Chops Finished (900 g) PKR 2,774
Mutton Biryani Cut Finished PKR 2,720
Mutton Fish Joints Finished (900 g) PKR 3,482
Mutton Kidney Finished PKR 987
Mutton Leg Finished (900 g) PKR 3,052
Mutton Chest Finished (900 g) PKR 2,218
Mutton Mix Finished (900 g) PKR 2,720
Mutton Premium Mince PKR 3,110
Mutton Qourma Finished PKR 2,720
Mutton Shoulder Finished (900 g) PKR 3,052
Mutton Steaks PKR 3,482
Mutton Mince Finished (900 g) PKR 3,110
Mutton Kunna Cut PKR 3,452
Mutton Boneless Cubes (900 g) PKR 3,482
Mutton Pulao Cut (900 g) PKR 2,888
Mutton Bakra PKR 2,547
Mutton Bora PKR 200
Mutton Manchurian PKR 3,082
Mutton Soup Bone PKR 299
Mutton Takatak Finished PKR 987
Mutton Waste PKR 100

Like every year this year too Zenith announced Qurbani Package for their customers but this year customers have an extra advantage and that is if they buy any animal of Credit or Debit card from MCB Bank, Allied Bank, HBL Bank, Askari Bank, Silk Bank, BOP Bank, Alfalah Bank, Faysal Bank, JS Bank, Summit Bank, and UBL Bank then they will get extra 10 to 20% off on all the animals.

Among them at the top of the list, you would get Hygienic, Export Quality, Hormone, and bacteria-free meat from any of the outlets. Zenith never compromises on the quality and their strict SOPs and that is the reason they are the largest exporter of meat in countries like Africa, Qatar, Kuwait, Singapore, and other countries in the Middle East. When we hear about Zenith then the first thing that comes to mind is that they are the biggest meat exporter in the whole of Pakistan.